Evolving with Artificial Intelligence

AI, the buzz all over the world has pulsed into every human. A technology that has been there for ages is grabbing eyes and making its way into every application, empowering intelligence. The moments we live today, have become greater in productivity which is going to be more productive with AI at the center. It’s going to be a grid for everyday life that leverages data to enhance our living.

AI for Productivity: We already rely on services that are available on finger tips, to book a meal, to book a cab, medicines, flights, buses etc., Which otherwise were tasks that took decent part of our life. The communication channels we currently leverage digitally are closely monitored to stitch them to our services that were mentioned above to make our lives lot easier. A day in future would be a grid of these services managed by AI more efficiently that could optimize a flight ticket for my time and destination, a meal that’s just enough to satisfy my hunger with too less food wastage, a medical prescription that’s more efficient for my health that’s less conducive, a seat on a flight for my preference like adjacent to a beautiful girl, or a proven musician, or an employer of my dream company or one of my closest childhood friends.

AI for Governments: As we expect best services from our governments, it’s very essential with current times for them to leverage solutions that’s are empowered with AI. In India, we don’t spend a day with heartening satisfaction towards the government services to the people. Lets consider Traffic management, in the current age where we have enough data available we could device an apt automated management system that adopts to various conditions, as weather, density of traffic at few junctions, etc., which would help the people get best experience to drive through cities or states and hence be more productive. Here again, AI systems can micro manage individuals with customized routes relative to its vision of the entire city. At the same time, it can assist vehicle traffic density reduction recommending possible car pooling options, which are all very disconnected in current time.

What if we are able to avert an immense tsunami by appropriately discovering the epicenter using metro-logical forecast data, and fighting to suppress well before its impact, a lot many lives could be saved. If we could estimate and forecast an impact of any human industrial action to reverse climate change precisely, it would define us a clear path to an habitable Earth.

Governments should be able to take AI’s assistance to search for efficient methods to draw pure drinking water with lesser resource expenditure. A biased AI algorithm can do its best in recommending jobs for unemployed based on their skill data. If AI could recommend a project planning team the expenditure, labor based on the terrains, governments could efficiently reach out to remote possible locations under their boundaries to provide necessary services to empower people.

AI for Homes: There are a lot of solutions that are already beginning to add to the AI ecosystem for a house. From security to advanced comforts, there are several ways that AI is being leveraged. AI could be used to mash-up the house architecture learning from styles around the world and customizing to the preference. Making a living a lot more enjoyable that can suggest best moments. A feature home powered with AI algorithms that could handle the hard walls to bring time travel to reality that simulate ages, that simulate any imaginable scenes.

A home that can keep my health in precise condition, taking apt actions to purify the weather surrounding, letting in pure air, maintaining a clean home, recommending a food for healthy diet until I live. A home thats self sustainable, growing all the food possible, drawing resources naturally from rain, sun, wind, air, moon and stars.

These are all quite possible already with IoT, Cloud and AI.

AI for Peace: This should already be possible, which may be needs to be started by an organization that’s as United Nations Organization. If Governments could collect the citizen data artificial intelligence could easily track and avert a next terrorist strike, or a next missile launch from an enemy state.

Besides, there are many more enthusiastic projects that are using AI in every field of existence which will surely enhance the lives, experiences, and create a better world. A world that sees less diseased, lesser deaths due to hunger and thirst, more educated, enhanced communication, better transport facilities etc..

As the AI can impact the lives drastically, impact could be dangerous if not applied on right decisions. We don’t need a car that finds and kills a pedestrian on the roads, we don’t need a flight that takes us straight to a hell, we don’t need an algorithm that teaches us to ditch my own friend. Technology is to ease human effort to achieve his daily needs, but not to replace one.

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